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Podcast Episode Blog- Coronavirus Part 1

What is the expectation in life when something like this happens? What shapes our expectation and what can we do?

From empty store shelves to closed movie theaters it's no secret the impact the coronavirus has had on the United States. There's been talk of how devastating the consequences could be and projections of when all of this chaos will begin to subside. On our latest episode, we avoided much of the topical discussion of toilet paper and social distancing. Instead we decided to focus more on analyzing our expectation of how life should be given the situation we find ourselves in.

We all have an expectation but are we all aware of it?

Some think that we have fallen into the heart of injustice for having to endure such a harsh pestilence. Others would say that this is simply par for the course. We've always lived in a cruel and unfair world and this is just one more day living in it. We all have an expectation but are we all aware of it?

We also take a look at the role technology plays in our expectation of life. For example, technology has allowed us to feel less pain due to over-the-counter medicine and anesthetics. It's easy to see how someone's view of life can be shaped by such a high degree of pain avoidance. It has an impact.

Technology also has an effect on where we live. There are many places on earth that have been avoided due to extreme climates and conditions for ages. However now due to advances in construction and climate control we inhabit places that would have never been even thought of as a place to reside. Then when tragedy strikes and nature has it's way we begin to question "Why?" It has an impact.

Check out this episode for the full discussion on this topic.

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